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Karaoke Photos

<chuckle> I bet that blog post title has a few of my teammates nervous this morning!


Last night at the all-attendee party at Microsoft TechReady2, the Karaoke area was jumping pretty good.  I and several of my teammates were up their singing (and quite well, I might add) the night away.  Many photos and even some videos were taken, but I’ll share them only with the individuals involved.


Chris Avis posted about a Karaoke outing earlier in the week that I also attended, and I thought I’d share a couple photos from that evening.

“Did you sing, Kevin?”

Does Vista include desktop search?  Does IE 7 do tabbed browsing better than Firefox?  Of course!

Chris Avis  John and Matt with Cari and Becky  John

And if anyone was wondering… Yes, I did get some really good photos last night.  Blackmail emails soon to follow.