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Rory has BAWLZ

This week, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’m at the Microsoft “TechReady” conference in Seattle.  We’re having some great technical training and informational sessions, as well as some inspiring keynote addresses. 

To the moon, Alice!

Yesterday, during the Q&A session with Kevin Turner (COO) and Steve Balmer (CEO), my friend, coworker, and uber-blogger Rory Blyth asked Steve a very direct question about the state of the browser and upcoming versions. 

Out of respect for Rory, I won’t tell you specifically what his question was or what Steve’s answer was.  I’ll leave it to him (Rory OR Steve) to post it on his own blog if he chooses.  (And I’ll let them link to MY blog.. because only in my wildest dreams could I maintain the readership that Rory’s blog enjoys.)

Here’s a picture of Rory,


and a picture of the Q&A panel.

Firing Squad