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By the way.. Happy New Year!

XBOX 360

Yeah… I’ve been rather delinquent in my blog postings of late.  I really enjoyed some scaled-back work-time over the holidays.  No… I didn’t take vacation.  But I did spend more time with my family.  I spent my working hours working on content for this new quarter of TechNet Events, and what time I may have given to blogging was spent playing with kids and assembling their new toys. 

“Why the XBOX logo?  Did you break down and get your kids the Xbox 360?”

Well… I said I wasn’t going to – mainly because I didn’t think they wanted one so bad until the day before they went on sale.  So I was resigned to the fact that it would be nearly impossible to find one, and I told the kids that they shouldn’t expect one because of that.  However… thanks to a spouse’s cousin’s eldest son who happens to work at a major electronics merchandiser across town, I was able to get one of a shipment of five that happened to arrive the week before Christmas.  (Thanks again, Terry!) 

“So what are you doing now?”


Well.. we’ve got some great content coming to you in our live events, so I’m excited about that.  And I’ll be doing a couple of webcasts on Securing your Exchange Servers in a couple of weeks.  But tomorrow I get on a plane and head to Seattle for a week of “TechReady”, which is an employee-only training conference for technical people like me “in the field” for Microsoft.  I’m excited to get in-depth with what’s coming in Exchange 12, Office 12, Vista, and who knows what other new stuff coming even farther into the future. 

By the way… do you like my new interactive photo on the left? 
Yep.  Kevin’s been getting fancy with the HTML!