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A Quiz to Die For

“I’d know the difference between an inventor of a programming language and a serial killer if I saw one!” Oh?  Really? Team mate and friend Matt Hester sent this link out to the team.  I don’t know of anyone yet who got them all correct on the first try.   (I scored 7 out of 10.)… Read more


R2! Yep. Windows Server 2003 R2 is RTM.  (RTM stands for “Released to Manufacturing”)  “So what?  What’s in it for me?” Good questions.  If you want big improvements in identity management, branch server management, and storage configuration (local and remote), then this is an upgrade you should seriously consider. “Upgrade?  You mean I have to… Read more

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 039

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 039 I have talked about and demonstrated the new SQL Server Upgrade Advisor in my live events recently.  When showing that you can include a profiler trace file for the sake of the analysis, I was asked, “But what events should we trace?  What trace would be the most useful for the advisor?”… Read more

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 038

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 038 The MSDN web site has links to some SQL Server 2005 Virtual Labs. “What’s this ‘virtual lab’ thing of which you speak?” Virtual labs are hosted sessions on a pre-installed virtual machine, along with lab notes to work through various scenarios on the installed software. “But, can’t I just do… Read more

News of my death is highly exaggerated…

 Yep… I haven’t been blogging much lately.  But I’m still here. “What’s up, Kevin?” Well… last weekend after celebrating Thanksgiving here with my in-laws, I and the whole family flew out to San Francisco to celebrate my brother Carl’s wedding.  He married a lovely woman (Danielle) and we couldn’t be more happy for the two… Read more

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 037

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 037 This question was asked at our event TODAY in Des Moines, IA. “Can the SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DTA) aslo tune databses running on SQL 2000?” Short answer.  YES! And in fact, something I didn’t mention at the event, but is also quite useful in the new… Read more

Windows Server 2003 Administration Webcast Series (Part 8 – DNS) Q&A

Here is a “best of” Q&A from our webcast we did today on an overview of DNS.  This was part 8 of the 12 part Windows Server 2003 Administration series I delivered earlier this year.  BIG THANKS to Mr. Bryan von Axelson for helping out as our sole Q&A person today.  As you see below,… Read more

TechNet Virtual Labs

TechNet Virtual Labs “Ever wanted to test Microsoft’s newest software in a sandbox environment? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to test new servers immediately, without formatting hard drives or dedicating one or more computers to the project? Now you can, with the TechNet Virtual Labs.” For those of you not already aware of… Read more

Resource Page for TechNet Webcast: Technical Overview of DNS in Windows Server 2003

Yep… another day, another webcast!    I’m presenting this “TechNet Webcast: Technical Overview of DNS in Windows Server 2003” today.   Here are some resources relating to this session’s topic.  I hope you find them useful, and that you are either joining me live for the webcast, or will be viewing it at some later… Read more