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TechNet Webcast Schedule – 2006 01

Upcoming TechNet Webcasts: January 2006

TechNet webcasts are designed specifically for the IT Professional, offering in-depth information on how to plan, deploy, and manage Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services, and Microsoft Content Management Server.


TechNet Webcast Series: Upcoming & On-Demand


Upcoming TechNet Webcasts

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Now you can register for an on-demand webcast and choose how you would like to view the archive (for webcasts that took place December 1, 2004 or later). Register to view an on-demand webcast and download a .wmv of the webcast immediately. By registering, you will also receive a confirmation email the following day with a link to the PPT download.


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Microsoft TechNet Webcast Series: Upcoming & On-Demand


TechNet Webcasts

NEW Webcasts: SQL Server 2005: Upgrade your skills to 2005

Live and on-demand webcasts available now
Learn how Microsoft SQL Server 2005 can help you leverage your existing investment in business intelligence without sacrificing the ability to extend and add cutting-edge functionality.


NEW Webcasts: Security Learning Paths Webcasts
Featured This Month: Secure Applications and Web Services

Today’s IT Professionals work in a challenging environment where there’s a constant effort to protect resources and vital information from internal misuse. Attend this webcast series and learn about the risks, business challenges, and recommendations for protecting your network from internal threats. We cover topics such as Security risk management, assessment, and implementation as well as steps for meeting your business needs of operating in a more secure environment.


Scripting Week 3: Script it up a notch

On-demand webcasts available now
New!  Hear it on the go!  You can download an audio-only file for webcasts in this series directly from the events details page. 

During Scripting Week 3, the Scripting Guys show you how to kick your scripts up a notch (and sometimes 2 or 3 notches). Learn how to quickly modify your scripts so they run against all the computers in an organization unit or all the computers listed in a text file. Learn how to create output that not only has aesthetic appeal but is much easier to read and understand. Learn how to craft graphical user interfaces that feature checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, and all the other GUI controls you know and love. Scripting Week 3: it’s the answer to all of life’s problems. (Legal disclaimer: Scripting Week 3 is not the answer to all of life’s problems. But it can’t hurt.)


A More Secure and Well-Managed Enterprise: Liberate your infrastructure

Live and on-demand webcasts available now

Attend this series and learn how to become a dynamic IT organization and achieve operational effectiveness through delivering higher quality of service, email availability, and a more secure Windows environment. Our technical experts help guide you through step by step instructions on how to install, configure, automate and mange a more secure and well managed infrastructure.  Bonus: attend four of the five webcasts (live or on demand) in this series during the month of December and you will receive a Microsoft Lexan water bottle*.

TechNet Webcast Calendar

TechNet webcasts listed in an easy-to-use calendar format.


Security Webcast Calendar

Security webcasts listed in an easy-to-use calendar format.


TechNet Webcasts Weblog.


Bonus: Attend any live webcast through June 2006 and you could win a 40 GB MP3/WMA player. See official rules for more details. Offer open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.


Additional Live & On-Demand Webcast Series Available Now:


§          Active Directory

§          Ask the Security Experts

§          Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005

§          Desktop Deployment

§          Exchange Server 2003 in Depth

New!  Hear it on the go!  You can download an audio-only file for webcasts in this series directly from the events details page. 

§          Group Policy