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News of my death is highly exaggerated…

IMG_3631 Yep… I haven’t been blogging much lately.  But I’m still here.

“What’s up, Kevin?”

Well… last weekend after celebrating Thanksgiving here with my in-laws, I and the whole family flew out to San Francisco to celebrate my brother Carl’s wedding.  He married a lovely woman (Danielle) and we couldn’t be more happy for the two of them.  The picture above is me with my wife and kids, along with Carl and Danielle.  And we all enjoyed the long weekend doing the usual touristy things around San Francisco.


Golden Gate Bridge

And this week I’m currently in Des Moines doing a TechNet Event for the folks here.

So that answers one of your questions.  The other question is:

“Kevin… what’s going on with the graphics on your blog?  The pictures are not showing up!”

Yeah.. well… the site I’m using to host my images has had some difficulties lately.  So please be patient… hopefully the pictures will be back soon.  OR I’ll have to find a different location for the photos.  (I’d use MSN Spaces, but I don’t like the manual upload and then linking to them in the blog post.  I really LOVE how BlogJet just automatically connects to an FTP server and uploads them for me.)