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Finally! Cable HD to Media Center PCs!

Cable guy

Yeah!  I know a lot of people have been waiting for this. 

(Not me, however.. I don’t yet have a Media Center. <sigh>  They are so cool…)

Previously, if you wanted HDTV to play or be recorded through your Media Center, it had to come from an over-the-air HDTV broadcast. 

Today, however, Microsoft and CableLabs have agreed to enable sending HDTV over the Cable to the PC… so future versions of Media Center PCs will be able to record High Def that comes in via Cable.  Sweet!

“When are you gonna get YOUR Media Center, Kevin?”

Well… that was actually one of the hurdles I was waiting for them to overcome.  Others are my kid’s braces, my kid’s college educations, a replacement TV for the TV we got as wedding gift 21 years ago (It’s as old as our marriage, and even more beat up!)…  Oh… and a 64 Bit Server to support my home Exchange 12 installation… At this rate, I figure I’ll be able to buy a new family entertainment room setup probably sometime after 2017 and only slightly before the next ice age.

Do you own a Media Center?  What do you think of this news?