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Big list of RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators

You Will Be Blogged


Today finds me sitting in a hotel room in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  It’s getting cold outside, so sitting in here doing work in a quiet location is quite enjoyable.  And as you see from the number of blog posts I’ve made today, I’ve been quite productive.

One of my tasks today was also to work on an RSS talk I’m going to give to anyone on my team who wants to listen.  I volunteered to lead some informal internal training on the subject, since the multiple and powerful uses of RSS is a subject I’m passionate about.


In fact, check out what the weather is doing outside my hotel room now(click to enlarge).

View from my hotel room.

In doing some research on blog reading tools options for my attendees, I did a search for “blog reader online”, and found this very useful list of Web-Based, PC-Based, and multi-platform news readers, complete with mini-summaries of each one.  Thank you, Haiko Hebig!

Personally, I use SharpReader.  I like being able to set up my subscriptions in a folder heirarchy that lets me view and work with either individual blogs or sources, or higher level folders (and all items contained within).  I might start playing with Bloglines, though… or some other online reader, mainly because I would like to have the same list and view of read/unread items whether at my desk, on my mobile phone, or any other Internet-connected computer.

What do you use?  How did you receive this post?  And how are you reading it now – on the blog directly, or via some reader?