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SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 032

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 032

Happy SQL Express User

“I want to program against and/or use table and database configuration information.  Is there a way to access the metadata associated with those?  Could I add my own metadata or comments into that area?”

This gentleman was looking for manipulating and using hidden information.  He suggested that if it wasn’t available, it should be, perhaps in the form of a hidden column of data for each table.

I don’t know the answer to how programmable Metadata information is.  (If someone else knows, please add it as a comment to this blog posting!)

However, you do have visibility to object metadata in SQL Server 2005 – although in fact, it’s much more tightly secured now.  You won’t have the ability to access metadata about objects to which you haven’t been given permissions on.

For a description of Metadata Visibility, see the SQL Server 2005 Books Online “Metadata Visibility Configuration”

(NOTE: You’ll need to have SQL Server 2005 Books Online installed for that link to work.  I highly recommend it!  It’s FREE!)

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