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Kevin’s Microsoft SQL Server 2005 "Best of SQL Launch" Resource Page

Confident in SQL 2005In preparation for our series of “Best of SQL Launch” events, I put together a page of resources that I hand out to my event attendees.  I figure that it beats having to try and quickly write down URLs as they fly by in the slides… and it gives you something else to scribble on, too.

“But I hate typing those long URLs when I get home, Kevin!”

I hear ya!  That’s why I’m making the document available HERE as well, so you can just click on the links!

“Best of SQL 2005 Launch” – Event Resources

I hope you’ll make good use of these resources. 

And if you came to the event, don’t forget to dive into that awesome Resource DVD that we gave you. 

(Trust me – that DVD alone is worth the trouble to come to our events these days!)