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Oh yes! Microsoft is bundling in my favorite video editing software!

Home MoviesConfession: I’m a digital photography nut.  I’m the guy at every family gathering or team function with either a digital camera or DV camcorder.  Or both!  (Those of you I work with, or have worked with, or LIVE with already know this.)  I post my photos to a family web site I run on a server at home, and I edit my videos into menu-driven DVDs.  And sometimes I even share videos with YOU.

For video editing, I’ve been using Pinnacle Studio 9.x for quite awhile now.  Version 8 was buggy… and version 9.00 was nearly unusable, but later updates have really improved it dramatically.  9.4 has been very good.  And I’ve always wished that Microsoft would come out with something comparable.  And now I see they’ve released version 10.

I have tried to use Microsoft’s Digital Image software in the past (previous versions), but honestly I didn’t think it was as easy to use as ACDSee (by ACD Systems).  I’m currently using ACDSee 7.0.  Love it.  But maybe it’s time to give Digital Image another try.

Here is the Press Release on the new product offering.

Here is where you can buy it.  

Digital Image Plus

Anyone else have any opinions on these products, or other alternatives that you have used and like well?