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Windows Vista to RTM in July?

Yep.  I blame myself.


If Windows Vista heads to OEMs on July 25th, 2006, then I’m responsible.  I, like many Microsoft employees, am running new Windows Vista builds whenever I get the chance.  And I’m submitting bugs as I find them.  Heck… most of the time I’m submitting bugs I don’t even KNOW I’m submitting bugs.  (The system is WAY smart about sending back information when things stop, hang, crash, or even faintly hiccup.)

But according to http://www.thehotfix.net/ and others, unofficially (and as yet unconfirmed by Microsoft as far as I know), July 25th is when Windows Vista will be available to OEMs so they can start testing and building systems in time for the 2006 Holiday season.

I’m currently playing with 5247.  What build are you running?