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Song Fight! …and a Microsoft Employee wins!

Another in the “this is too good NOT to post” category… I used to be a Music Student.  Seriously.  I was a Theory and Composition major at the University of Minnesota (Go Gophers!).  So I have a lot of respect for creativity in music… and this one really floors me.  I love it! “Jim of… Read more

Are you certifiable? There’s a new generation of Microsoft Certifications!

New Microsoft Certifications! That’s right!  Microsoft is changing the certification program. “Huh?  I’m an MCSE!  Why are they changing things?” I’m an MCSE, too.  But what are your specialties?  You’re obviously an IT Professional.  You’re not a developer (or perhaps you are), but other than that, what do you do, really?  If you’re certified on… Read more

Everything is virtual someday (Welcome to "The Matrix")

“Kevin, why are you bringing up Virtuality?” I think you mean “Virtualization”.  I’m bringing it up because there has been a cool announcement about Virtual Machine Technology from Microsoft – specifically around licensing. “What is this Virtual Machine Technology of which you speak?” From the Microsoft Virtual PC – FAQ page: A. Virtual machine technology… Read more

Windows Vista to RTM in July?

Yep.  I blame myself. If Windows Vista heads to OEMs on July 25th, 2006, then I’m responsible.  I, like many Microsoft employees, am running new Windows Vista builds whenever I get the chance.  And I’m submitting bugs as I find them.  Heck… most of the time I’m submitting bugs I don’t even KNOW I’m submitting… Read more

Gas prices are "low" here…

Bill Steele says that prices are down to $2.33 where he lives.  They’re actually down to around $2.21 near me, after hitting $3.00 only about 2 months ago.  We complain so much in the U.S., because to us, these are still very high prices compared to what they were earlier this year.  But compared to the… Read more

New Windows XP Security Guide

I just learned from Chris Avis’ blog that there is a new Windows XP Security Guide out.  This is Chris:   And this the overview text from the Security Guide: OverviewThe Windows XP Security Guide has been updated to provide specific recommendations about how to harden computers that run Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2)… Read more

"Our Trial and Error May Reduce Yours"

Yep.  You could say that when it comes to Information Technology, Microsoft is full of IT.  A question I get asked a lot – and in fact one that I always wondered when I was managing IT at a software company, was, “How does Microsoft do their own e-mail/security/backup-restore/software distribution/blah/blah/blah?” Here’s a webcast series that… Read more

We-SYP Video is online!

Many of you who have been to my live events recently have seen this great video done by our Microsoft TechNet counterparts in the UK.  I haven’t been able to share it with you until now – now that I’ve just learned that they’ve made it available for online viewing, anyway. Enjoy! And remember: We… Read more