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See you at the Launch!

Chris Avis BEFORE

Chris Avis here has challenged all of Southern California to come to the SQL Server 2005 / Visual Studio 2005 / Biztalk 2006 Launch event in Anaheim.  He promises on his blog that if that event draws the biggest attendance of all of the launch events, he will shave his head.

Okay, Chris… once again you throw the gauntlet down.  Your challenge isn’t just to your seven blog readers, it’s to the rest of your coworkers and teammates as well.  You force us to offer similar challenges to our attendees, just because of how wonderfully competative we are!

My own Karaoke Challenge was FORCED into play by yours… (of course, I sing way better than you, so I’m not afraid one bit. <mooohahaha>)

Okay… so that’s how it’s going to be.  Here’s my own attendance challenge for Minneapolis.  If Minneapolis gets the biggest attendance of any of the major SQL/VS/BizTalk Launch events…

no… waitasec… I’ll sweeten this challenge up a bit…

Chris Avis AFTERIf the Minneapolis SQL Server 2005 / Visual Studio 2005 / BizTalk 2006 Launch simply gets better attendance than the Anaheim event, I’m getting me a sharp trimmer, and SHAVING CHRIS AVIS’s HEAD!  YEAH!

Yep.. you heard me right.  I’m bad.  Don’t you think I wouldn’t do it, either. 



Someone’s getting shaved, and it’s not going to be me.