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No really… What is it that, as you say, "sucks"?

Beating-a-dead-horseOkay… I confess that I was “ego surfing” a few minutes ago.. after I read Steve Lamb’s post on the subject.. I used Technorati to see who was linking to my blog posts. 

I found a nice reference back to my request for Windows Vista feedback from August 31st.. Vlad Mazek’s post (thanks Vlad!) pointed people there, and (rightly) suggested that if you want to influence how the product works, the time is NOW to help us with feedback.

What I thought was especially interesting, though, was the one comment there from someone named “Anonymous”.  (Wow… That guy gets around!) 

Mr. Anonymous writes, basically, that it all sucks.  It just plain sucks.  And there’s nothing I can say to make it suck any less.  It sucked in the beginning.  And it now and for-evermore shall suck.  Sucking forever and ever.  Sucks. Sucky sucky suck suckity-suck-suck-suck. 

Did I say it sucks?

Anyway… Mr. Anonymous (you know who you are); a simple question for you.  WHAT sucks?  What?  Specifically?

My response comment asks him that also, and points out a couple of key ideas that Mr. Anonymous should have shoved up his.. er… crammed into his.. um…  brain. 

  • We can only change the things that we know about.  (Help us!)
  • We have many many people working hard to make it a GREAT PRODUCT… or to at least suck somewhat less than previous products.   (There’s a good tag line for any new product… “And when compared to our previous version, it SUCKS LESS!” )

We have groups that blog internally about Windows Vista, and they have the eyes and ears of the product teams, if they’re not the product teams themselves.  Some of them even record feature demonstrations as videos, and then ask for and pass along feedback.  Do they want the product to suck less?  …perhaps even, dare I say, to “ROCK”?!  You bet!

Mr. Anonymous.. their goal is to help you see a product that moves from the “sucks” category, to the “ROCKS” category.  And I and others like me will help you by passing along your feedback, and next year doing kick-ass demos to show you how good ROCKS can be. 

Rock Rockity-rock-rock-rock.