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SUS 1.0 Support Extended



We’ve extended support for Software Update Services 1.0.

Originally the drop-dead end of support was going to be at the end of June next year, but due to the timing and customer needs, the date has moved to December 6.  In fact, as of a couple days ago, you could no longer download SUS.

“My brain hurts!  What happens when support ends?!! OOo!”

It means that there will no longer be any updates that will synchronize with it.  By then, it’s hoped, you’ll be able to move to WSUS (Windows Server Update Services). 
Here’s a KB article describing the SUS 1.0 Support Life Cycle.

“OOoooo!  Will it hurt?!”

No!  It’s  full of great improvements (reporting, targeting, missing update detection.. loads of wonderful things!) and it’s FREE.

“How do I get it?!   HOW DO I GET IIIIT?!”

Download it here.

“I have more questions!!!  Oooo!”

Try this: The WSUS FAQ Page.


…<sigh>  Yes… this was a silly blog post.  Quite silly.


(Apologies and appreciations to Python, Monty Ltd.)