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SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 001

SQL Server 2005 Tidbit 001


Hello all you DBAs!

Yes, this is the first of what promises to be over 100 tidbits of information on the new version of SQL Server (formerly codename: Yukon) coming out the first week of November, 2005.  Some of these tidbits (like today’s) will point to cool resources found online.  Others will be answers to good questions I’ve received.  (So if you have questions, send them to me either as a comment to these blog posts, or click the contact link here or at the top of this blog page.

Today’s tidbit: Mirroring.

My friend, coworker, and fellow Karaoke singer Chris Avis emailed the team with a resource he found online.  It’s chapter 15 of a book coming out next month called “Pro SQL Server 2005”.  (ISBN: 1–59059–477–0).

Chapter 15 is all about Database Mirroring – a huge new functionality in SQL Server 2005 that allows for easy, fast, distance-independent failover.  No special hardware required. 

Check it out!