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The Karaoke Challenge

Oh my… the gauntlet has been thrown down! 


I love it.  Chris Avis (friend and fellow IT Pro Champion on the TechNet team) has a “Karaoke Challenge” that he’s promoting to his audiences.  You can read his excellent post about it if you wish, but in a nutshell, he is challenging any and all of his live event attendees to a sing-off.  The evening after an event, he and the challenger will go to any local club that’s hosting Karaoke.  And if the audience likes the challenger’s song better than Chris’, Chris will provide the challenger with a full retail copy of Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. 

This gives me an idea… I’m going to do this, too!

Yes, that’s right.  You heard me.  I can sing.  Better than you. 


Kevin’s Karaoke Challenge

I challenge any and/or all of my live event attendees to a sing-off!  You email me before the event, and let me know that we’ll be going out for some Karaoke.  If the audience likes your singing/song/style better, you’re gonna get a copy of Windows Server 2003 Standard Ed.  Retail copy – “no timeout crap”).

2008 UPDATE: That particular software package doesn’t make sense these days.  How ’bout I just surprise you?  (Yes, it will be real software that would otherwise need to be purchased.  I’ll make it worth your while.)

(Heck.. I might even give a prize to anyone brave enough to take me on.)

So Chris – Are we going to get to challenge each other at the team meeting in October?  And what can you afford to lose?