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Live Communications Server 2005 IMF is here!

Live Communication Server

If you’re running LCS (SP1), and if you’re familiar with the functionality of IMF for Exchange Server 2003, then you’re going to love this new version of IMF built specifically for LCS. 

And if you’re NOT familiar with IMF, here is the overview from the Download page:

Live Communications Server 2005 Intelligent IM Filter application allows administrators greater flexibility in the protection of their instant message networks than the default IMFilter application that is installed on all Live Communications Server 2005 with SP1 servers.  The default IMFilter blocks all URLs and file transfers, but the enhanced functionality that the Intelligent IM Filter permits several options for configuring how URLs and file transfers are handled.  This new enhanced filter also includes configurable logging options and multiple performance counters for tracking network usage and identifying security or performance issues before they cause problems.

“Sounds cool, Kevin.  But.. How much does it cost?”

It’s FREE! 

Download it from HERE.

Thanks to my friend and teammate Harold Wong for finding this first.  His post about it is here.