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Is the Blog the Problem?


An Associated Press article that I was pointed to on MSNBC talks about how a company fired a bunch of employees for posting bad things on their blogs.  Very bad things.  Bad things meaning sexually harassing in some cases, and downright insubordinative (is that a word?) in others. 

I agree.  They deserved to be fired.

The article, however, didn’t get written because these people got fired for sexual harassment or insubordination.  It makes it sound like they got fired for how they used a blog.  What’s so interesting about people being fired for being harassing jerks?  Or for threatening work slowdowns?  No… it’s only interesting because these were blog posts by idiots who didn’t realize that putting something on blog is just like writing something hateful on the company conference room white board… only this white board is big – really REALLY big – so big that the whole world can see it.

And what really strikes me as silly is that now the company is considering adding a policy on blogging to their company’s employee handbook.  <sigh> 

I hope they put it on the same page as their official company policy on “Proper use of the second-floor conference room white board”. 

What do you think?