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MSN Messenger Audio / Video through ISA Server 2004

I received a question via email this morning.  An attendee of one of my on-demand webcasts had a question about VPN, MSN Messenger Video Conferencing, and using ISA Server 2004.  He has VPN connectivity open, but hasn’t been able to do a video conference through it.

Most often my first resource for ISA Server 2004 help is to go to


However, oddly enough, this time I wasn’t able to find any help using their site’s search engine.

So instead, I did an MSN Search.  Wouldn’t you know, it led me to “Dr. Tom’s ISA Server 2004 Firewall Blog”.  Yes… that’s “Dr. Tom” Shinder, the same guy who wrote “Tom Shinder’s ISA 2004” book, and who also runs the above ISAServer.org site.  His post from April 27, 2004, links right to a forum topic hosted at ISAServer.org, which talks all about the above issue.  And in the body of those posts, I believe the answer my friend is looking for can be found.  (If not, he certainly can join in the conversation there, too!)

“So what have I learned here?”

I’ve learned: