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Going up?

Going down?

According to Engadget, who in turn got it from TheDamnBlog, you can hack your next elevator ride!

They say that if you press and hold the door-close button, and as you’re holding, press your floor, that you’ll override any other floor requests and go straight there. 

Urban Legend?  Perhaps…   Funny if it’s true?  You bet!

Nice?  Not very, in my opinion.  But a fun hack, nonetheless.

I wonder what other button combos we can find?  If I press the door open and hold it while pressing the top floor, will the elevator shoot out of the top of the building and fly (ala Willy Wonka – the old movie with Gene Wilder.  I don’t know if he does that in the new one.  Does he?  no… don’t tell me and spoil it for me. )