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I’m refreshed!

Our Destination!

If you’re like me, sometimes vacations are hard to take.  You know you should.  You schedule them in advance.  You should visit your parents, or build memories with the kids, or whatever your reason is.  It’s something you simply must do.  But still, sometimes when the appointed time rolls around, it’s just hard to get away.  You go, but it takes your head a few days to really get into it.  Maybe you bring your laptop and even after a few days, you’re still working even though you’re in a different location.

This, however, was not the case this time.  Whoo-boy, was I ready for the break!  And so were the rest of the family!  Eight days ago we pointed the Family Truckster (rented RV, actually) westward, and we were off to see Yellowstone.  We returned yesterday, having had our fill of mountainous scenery, wildlife, geothermal activities, horseback riding, and white-water rafting.  (And I have the pictures to prove it!) 

Old Faithful Geyser  Family Truckster  Outdoor camp-cookin' on the portable grill!

Today we finished unpacking, cleaned and returned the RV, and I even had time to pick up the new Weber Grill that I purchased for my birthday.  It’s a hot, but beautiful day.

Tomorrow I start a week of SQL Server training.  Then mid-week of the following week I head to Atlanta, GA for a big global Microsoft meeting.

Ah… Life is good.  And life in the summer in Minnesota after having just had a marvelous time with the family; even more-so.