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Notes from the TechNet Briefing in Peoria, IL


Hi Peoria!

Nice to meet you!

Here are the questions (with answers) I jotted down at our TechNet Briefing in Peoria, IL.

Also, for your convenience, here is the link to my blog post containing the link to that resource document I handed out.

Q: If I have an application exception defined in the Windows Firewall, what happens if that application crashes unexpectedly?  Will those ports that were opened for it remain open?

A: UPDATE: The word I have on this is that if the application fails, the firewall will notice this and will not leave the ports open.  They may be open for a very brief time, but not long.


Q: How do I know if my processor supports hardware DEP (Data Execution Prevention)?

A: First of all, let me point you to a GREAT KB Article (875352) which contains a detailed description of DEP. 

As I mentioned in our briefing, both Intel and AMD have processors that support Hardware-level DEP. 

Intel calls the technology their “Execute Disable Bit”.  Here is the page that describes their support, with links to their products that support it.

This press release from AMD describes their support also.  DEP support is currenly only in their A64’s and the Socket 754 Sempron lines.


Q: In the SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, can I work with logs on remote SQL Servers?

A: Yes.  The SQL Server logs tool is found under the Management function for the database server you are connected to in the Object Explorer.  That server can be local OR remote. 


Q: Are there any new “process throttling” capabilities?  [Other database products]  have a way to watch for processes that run out-of-control…taking up too many resource (CPU, Memory) from the rest of the system.  I don’t see a way to do it in 2000 and I’m hoping that 2005 has a solution.

A: UPDATE: I received the following response in the TechNet Discussion Groups:


sp_configure’s ‘query governor cost limit’ can limit the time a quyery runs.

In terms of using other resources, they are ungoverned, even with SQL Server

Mike Epprecht, Microsoft SQL Server MVP
Zurich, Switzerland

Thanks, Mike!

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