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Notes from the TechNet Briefing in Anchorage, AK

Anchorage!  I’m way over-due posting this…

Check it out!

Kevin sees a glacier!

Sorry for the delay.  I enjoyed a couple of days in your lovely state, taking a tour out of Seward, seeing lots of glaciers and amazing wildlife.  I know it’s all just the usual terrain there to you.. but to a Minnesota boy, it’s simply awesome!

So after an all-too-brief stop off at home on Sunday, it was back on the road for me.  (Peoria – your Q&A is next up!)  

Here are the questions (with answers) I jotted down at our TechNet Briefing in Anchorage.

Also, for your convenience once again, here is the link to my blog post containing the link to that resource document I handed out.

Q: Do the 64 bit processors support DEP?  What about the 64 bit versions of Windows?

A: Yes, and yes. 

Q: When will the SQL 2005 pricing be announced?

A: How about SEVERAL MONTHS AGO?  I apologize that I missed this one.  According to a Feb 24 article I found at ENT Magazine, the pricing was announced WAY early… like back in February.

Q: If I slipstream updates or an SP into a build image, will those updates or SPs show up in the Add/Remove Programs list?

A: No. 

Q: What is the certification path for SQL 2005?  Are there any updates announced yet for new MCDBA requirements?

A:  I looked all over the MCDBA site, and didn’t see anything about 2005.  I will check with other sources and update this post if I find anything more.

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