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Remde TechEd Diaries – Saturday – Goin’ Home!

TechEd 2005:  Learn.  Solve.  Grow.

Yep.  We learned.  We solved.  And we growed.

Here I am on the plane ride home.  And judging from all the TechEd bags, VB.NET magazines being read, and funny ‘No, I will not fix your computer’ t-shirts, this is a plane that’s chock-full o’ geeks.  And most of these geeks are only on their first leg home.  Not me, though… one of the benefits of living in the airline’s hub city.  One hop, and yer home.

I wonder if the rest of the TechEd attendees had as much trouble closing their suitcases as I did.  I tried to keep the swag collection to a minimum this year, and thought I had “packed” sufficient “space”, but it’s always the same story.

I could sleep now, because I’m pretty tired; But I have a webcast to deliver on Monday and many family activities this weekend that I’d much rather be doing while I’m home.  And I can work, only because I was bumped to first class.  Yeah baby.  It does have it’s priviledges.  Like being able to open your laptop enough to see the screen.  Mostly. 

I’m seated here in seat 4B, drinking black coffee (Yep.. in first class you get FREE REFILLS!) and I’m preparing notes for the webcast on “Security Risk Management”.  As I returned to my seat from a recent stop at the lavatory (In the first class lav, you can use as many paper towels as you want!) I noticed Steve Riley snoozing in 2C.  Too bad I wasn’t sitting next to him, or I could be asking his input.  Of course, I don’t doubt that he already had input into this official Microsoft Security content I’m using.  …but little does he know that I’m also going to be stealing.. er… borrowing some of the funny-yet-effective pictures he used in his TechEd Simulcast webcast earlier this week. 

And was that Jesper Johansson (sp?) snoozing next to him, with his head on Steve’s shoulder?  Naw…  but that sure is a funny thought. 

Hey.. just now I even took two of those little bags of pretzels, and our flight attendant didn’t say a word about it!  In coach you’d get your hand slapped.. but I guess in first class you get by with mearly a disapproving glare.  Ah… the life of Riley.  (Yes… Steve too).

So, what’s next for Kevin?

After the family weekend and the webcast, I’m getting on a plane yet again – this time to Anchorage, Alaska.  Yep.  I’m filling in for Michael J. Murphy, who isn’t able to make it.  And I had “backup duty” this week.  So, if you’re in the Anchorage area, I’ll see you this coming Wednesday!  And Thursday and Friday I expect to do some sightseeing.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a glacier up-close-and-personal.  So, if you’re a wild woodland creature in the area, I’ll see you this coming Thursday or Friday!

What’s this?  Yet another bag of 5 pretzel twists?!  Oh no, I couldn’t possibly. 

Okay… you twisted my arm.