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Remde TechEd Diaries – Friday

Universal Studios Universal Studios Woodpeckers

Friday!  Last day! 

It’s with mixed emotions that we reach this day.  We’ve been learning a lot, partying hard, meeting people, and genuinely enjoying ourselves.  That’s the upside.  The downside, of course, is that we’re away from our families for a long time.  That.. to put it bluntly.. sucks.  So it’s good to be going home soon.

But we did have fun last night, didn’t we?  Yeah!  Universal Studios!

That was fun.  I went from attraction to attraction with coworker Shawn Travers and boss John Weston.  We got to see most of the good ones.  The food was good, too.  Didn’t get much time to see the live music or sample the libations (just as well), but really enjoyed the whole evening.  Outstanding, as always.

Afterwards John Baker and I met up with our one-time webcast producer and now webcast coordinator Keith Mazzuco for a couple of Coronas.  Unfortunately, the really fun place we had been to twice before during the week turns out to be pretty boring on a Thursday.

So now I’m back in my room.  It’s time to go to bed.  Tomorrow I’ll attend one of the SQL sessions, and then it’s back to working in the Hands-on-Labs and another shift on the Microsoft Across America “Mobile Experience”.   Then, since I’m not flying home ‘til Saturday, I think I’ll find something fun to do.  Maybe Pleasure Island.  I love live music.