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Remde TechEd Diaries – Thursday

Influencer Appreciation Party

Thursday.  We’re slowly reaching the end.

Last night’s “Influencer Appreciation Party” was fun… but it might have been more fun if they’d kept the Karoake idea going.  My opinion: More people were going to enjoy that than the dance mix.  And besides… I’m Kevin! 

Karoake... NOT!

Yes.. that is ME!  I was next up to sing, and then the DJ was told to give the singing a break and just play some dance music… so my name and selection were left up there for an hour-and-a-half while I waited.  Eventually he changed that screen… but it was rather disappointing watching very FEW people dance, and also knowing that there were a long line of willing (albeit questionably able) singers available for some good fun.

Oh well.

Today is more lab work.  Hopefully they have put back up that HOL163 (SRV10) so I can get it working properly.  Also, I want to do some of the SQL labs.  I hear they are excellent.