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Remde TechEd Diaries – Wednesday

Hernando Beach Sunset

Wednesday!  Is this thing really half-over already?

Why am I showing you a picture of sunset in the town of Hernando Beach?  Well… last night we drove out to my teammate Blain Barton’s house for a lovely barbecue dinner.  The home, dinner, and company were just fantastic.  (Thanks again, Blaino!)  However… the drive out there and back were 2 hours each direction… so I and many of our team finally ended up getting back to our hotels at 2:30am this morning. 

Today started late, naturally. <heh>  I helped backup a webcast that didn’t really need backup (Steve Riley’s Security webcast… there was nothing to question, apparently, so very little for us Q&A helpers to do.)  And then it was back to the Hands-on-Labs for 5 hours of proctoring. 

Now I’m back in my hotel room and getting ready to head over to the “Influencer Appreciation Party”.  I got my blue wristband on, so I’m all set!

See you there!