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Are you a Blogebrity? (Is anyone, really?)

Okay.. Time reported on it, so it must be true. 


But wait?  Is it really? 

Actually.. no.  Blogebrity Magazine is not actually happening.  It was a hoax.  Well… not really a hoax… but it was actually part of a “Viral Marketing” contest that attempted to get hits just by word-of-mouth (or link-stream) publicity.  In fact, I’m playing right into their hands, discussing it here. 

I’m being used!  I feel so… cheap!  <*sob*>

Well… fine.  Check out the one of the contest current leaders: CryingWhileEating.com

Actually… I’ve heard that some of these “products” may actually happen, given the number of hits and amount of interest they’ve generated.  I for one will subscribe to Blogebrity as soon as it hits the virtual newstands. 

On second thought.. no, I won’t.