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Hit the road, Dad!

Here’s the scene… I’m stressing about preparing for a keynote speech I’m giving at an IT Expo tomorrow, which means tonight I’m flying away from home yet again.  I’m on the road too much as it is… I mean, I love my job, but I love my kids more.

So anyway, I happen to be driving to pick up my oldest son from his school Tennis Match.  My two youngest, my girls, are in the backseat along for the ride. 

I’m playing a CD… and the Ray Charles song “Hit the Road, Jack” comes on.  My girls and I start signing along; and we’re sounding great.  Seriously.  I’m asked to play it again, over and over, so we can all keep singing.  Pretty soon we’re changing the words to “Hit the Road, Dad”… and then I think, “Ouch.  Yep.  Tomorrow I’m on the road again”  <sigh>

But then, fortunately, the mood takes a dramatic up-tick.  The next song I have on this CD compilation of songs (legally purchased through MSN Music, I must add) is “The Boys Are Back In Town”.  So I let the song play, and sing…

“Get who just got back today!
That crazy Dad who had been away.
Hasn’t changed, hadn’t much to say.
But I still think that Dad is great!”…


So now, over and over again, we’re singing , “Your Daddy’s back in town!  Your Daddy’s back in town!”…

“Saturday he’ll be dressed to kill,
Firin’ up the charcoal grill!
Drinks will flow, and blood will spill,
But if Dad wants to cook – you better let him!”…


Even for those of us with hectic working lives, it’s little moments like these that remind us where our priorities truly lie.