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SQL Server 2005 – SQL Profiler Question

I received a great question in an email concerning a SQL Profiler demo I do in our live TechNet Briefings this quarter:



I attended your technical briefing in Chicago last month. Thanks for a very nice and informative session.


During the presentation for Yukon, you did a nice demo of analyzing

perfmon and trace files using Yukon profiler. I want to try that at my work. I opened up Yukon profiler but couldn’t find a way to load

perfmon results for analysis. I wonder if you can help me out and tell me how to do that.


By the way, I use Beta 2 of Yukon. And my perfmon results is collected into a csv file.


Thanks in advance.

You’re welcome – in advance. 

By the way – it’s okay to call it “SQL Server 2005” now, rather than Yukon. 


Yeah, the tool is a little awkward in that regard.  In SQL Profiler, I “Open” my saved SQL trace file, and I “Import” the performance data.  In SQL Profiler you’ll find that under the File menu -> Import Performance Data.


For my demo I had the performance data saved as a binary log file (.blg file), but .csv is also an option that can be imported into the profiler.