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And I’m there!… just off to the right a bit!

Monday’s edition of RocketBoom’s video-blog (vlog?) contained an interview with Robert Scoble, while he was hosting a “geek dinner” in Minneapolis.

I arrived to find only two people sitting at an outdoor table – one of them being Robert.  Initially, I thought, “Wow.. what a lousy turn-out!”.  But as I drew near, fortunately, I noticed the fancy video-camera perched on the table, aimed at Robert’s head.

I sat down quietly and watched as the interview continued.

Here is the final result.

Any other fans of RocketBoom out there?  I don’t particularly personally agree with their politics (How’s that for an alliteration?), but like many of you, I find Amanda Congdon quite curiously charismatic.  (Ooo.. another amazing awesome alliteration..)