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On Blogging…

Okay…Now I’m excited. 

“Oh Kevin, you’re always excited about something…”

Hey.. I love my job.  Is that a crime?! 

I don’t know what the final URL will be (or even if I should be telling you about this yet), but we will soon have a really cool new communication channel opening up for us, and you’re all invited not only to read and subscribe, but to participate.

Here’s the deal – We’re putting together a web site that will be an IT Pro community blogger / events site.  We’re in the preliminary stages of planning now, but it will eventually contain agreggated posts from bloggers on the Microsoft Across America – TechNet team.  We will likely also allow partners, Microsoft MVPs and others to contribute by adding feeds from their own blogs.  We’ll include additional news from Microsoft or perhaps other sources also – all IT Pro related.  And this can be a place where you can then subscribe to RSS feeds on specific topics, bloggers, event types, location (for live events), IT Pro news, etc.  The possibilities are staggering!

Here’s a thought: Put YOU in charge of how you get contact from Microsoft as far as when events are coming to your area, or webcasts are happening that interest you. 

A really good example of the kind of site we’re considering is the TechEd Bloggers site. 

So – Why am I telling you this?  I want to know what would you like to see!  Give me some feedback if you have an opinion about how we’re using blogs and RSS to keep in touch with you.  What information would you find useful showing up in your RSS aggregator/reader every day?  Do you want Microsoft advertisements?  Do you want to know what your favorite TechNet presenter had for breakfast?  …or do you want just the information you need to get your job done and make your work life better?  (And what form should that information take?)

I’m writing up my own thoughts on this today, for a meeting tomorrow.. so your input now will be invaluable to this process!