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How do I find a Microsoft event coming to my area?

I may have blogged about this before.  And I do think it’s a very useful tool.  But it still needs improving…

The Events and Webcasts team responsible for the www.microsoft.com/events site have built a handy search page.  You can find out about events by:

  • who you are (IT Pro, Developer, Home PC user, Information Worker, etc),
  • what product you’re interested in (or just “All Products” 
  • What type of event (In-Person, Live Webcast, or On-Demand Webcast)
  • Location (by country and state or province), and
  • Within a time frame (anytime, within 30 days, 30–60 days, etc.)

The result is a nice list of links to the events matching your wishes.

“Sounds great, Kevin.  What could need improving?”

Well, my main suggested improvement for this site would be to give it the ability to generate an RSS link that would automatically populate a list of the results based on these criteria, and then a person could just watch their feed for new events as they become available – kinda like the cool link you can generate if you visit the MSDN Events site’s “Custom RSS Feeds” page, and what we’ll have soon for our TechNet Briefing’s, also.

Also – let me chose more than one product Give me a multi-select list where I can check-off all of the products I use the first time I hit the site.

If both of those suggestions were implemented, it would mean that I would never have to visit that site again… unless I wanted to add or drop a product from my list of “what’s interesting to me”.  That would be cool.