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In an airport…

…no one can hear you scream.  

Or was that “In space..”?  Oh well.  I’m tired, and sitting in the Indianapolis Airport at gate D8 for my 6:09am flight to Chicago.  I’m hoping to check-in to my hotel in Schaumburg a little early so I can set up for doing my last of the series of 12 Windows Server 2003 Administration webcasts.  (Cool topic: Windows Server Update Services.  It’s not too late to sign up!

I’m geeking-out, a bit, because I figured out how to get my bluetooth in my laptop to use my PocketPC Phone and GPRS data services from T-Mobile to connect to the Internet.  Love bluetooth these days, with my new bluetooth headset and GPS that both use my PDA.  But why does it all have to be so complicated?  Trying to get these things connected and communicating reminds me of the early days of dialup networking.  Remember trying to get a dialup access to an ISP working on Windows 3.1 or Windows 95?  That’s how bluetooth feels right now.  So.. It can only get better. 

Strange… the lights just flashed in the airport.  The power went out for a split second.  So now of course all of the gates are making announcements that their computers are rebooting, so they’ll have to proceed with the check-ins manually.  Just a typical day in the life of a road warrior.  <sigh>