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My first Blogcast! (Series Part 11 – NAT and VPN Demos)

For Part 11 of the Windows Server 2003 Administration webcast series, I am unable to do all of the demos as written.  One hour just isn’t long enough!  So what I’ve done is to record the portion of the demo where I create a NAT configuration, and a Demand-Dial VPN connection, as a “blogcast”.

CLICK HERE to view the blogcast.

A blogcast is just a recorded media file – in my case a Windows Media .WMV file captured and recorded using the Windows Media Encoder.  The ITEs (IT Evangelists) for Microsoft around the world have been recording these as yet another way to assist you in your learning and your work.  (Check out the “Blogcast Queen”, Eileen Brown’s blog for some great blogcasts.  As far as I know, she invented the term.)