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The WiFi Next Door…

Just a comment on what a strange day it’s been.  I’m currently staying at a Sheraton in Madison, as tomorrow we’re doing live TechNet and other events at the Alliant Energy Center.

Today, however, in less than one hour, I’ll be doing a webcast from the hotel.  Now… typically when I book my rooms I call the hotel to see if they have high-speed Internet.  I’m a snob that way, I guess. <sigh>  But mores if I’m going to do a webcast, I usually want to make sure that the Internet access is WIRED as opposed to WIRELESS. 

Well… having not found any WIRED hotel rooms near the Alliant Energy Center, I decided to stay where the rest of my team were staying here at the Sheraton.

Problem: WiFi here has been up and down all day.  Not good for webcasting at all.

Solution: The folks here are going to let me reserve the WIRED connection located in their Business Center here.  They even provided me a phone for the audio portion of the webcast.  (I’m heading down in just a couple minutes to set things up.)

In the meantime, I happened to see that the wireless from the hotel next door is available, so I’m using a low-signal, 1Mbps connection right now.  I guess that’s the punch-line to an already interesting day.

Gotta run!  Webcast time!