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Webcast Series HOMEWORK – Week 8 (DNS)

Windows Server Administration Webcast Series Homework
Homework Assignment #8

1. http://blogs.technet.com/kevinremde

  • Go to my blog, click on the category “TechNet Webcasts”, and view the “Resource Page” for part 8 of 12 of this series.  I’ve included several links relating to this topic, so take a look through those resources.  I really want this to be the vehicle we use to share information and open up discussions.
  • I am also posting the homework here now (duh!) as well as an edited Q&A BEST OF summary for each week’s webcast.

2.  Try out the Microsoft Events website (www.microsoft.com/events)

  • Click “Find Events and Webcasts”
  • Search by Audience, Product, and Event Type – 
    For example, I searched on IT Professional Audience, Product of “Active Directory”, and Event Type of “On Demand Webcasts” and found the “Active Directory Fundamentals” Webcast demos – one of which was specifically on how AD uses DNS.