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Florida Florida Florida

Ah… vacation.  Sweet down-time with the family.  This week finds me in lovely Naples, Florida visiting my parents who recently purchased a winter get-away condo down here.  I sincerely wish everyone could have as lovely a retirement as this. 

“But Kevin… you’re supposed to be doing Part 7 of your Webcast Series this week!”

Yep.  And so I made sure my folks had high-speed Internet and a good phone for me to use on Wednesday.   But other than that, I’m sizzlin-skin at the beach or wrestling with my kids in the pool.  Tomorrow I think we’ll go to the zoo here in Naples.  (Of course my Minnesota snow-bound kids are looking forward to seeing Alligators.)

I’ll post pictures up on the family photo album sometime, because we’re having lots of “Kodak Moments”, but I doubt I’ll have time to go through them when I get “back”.  We return home late Sunday PM, and then early Monday I fly to Dallas for week of Seminar Sales Team meetings and training. 

Keep on applyin’ that sunscreen!