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Webcast Series HOMEWORK – Week 7 (Backup, Restore, and Recovery)

Windows Server Administration Webcast Series Homework
Homework Assignment #7

1. http://blogs.msdn.com/kevinremde

  • Go to my blog , click on the category “TechNet Webcasts”, and view the “Resource Page” for part 7 of 12 of this series.  I’ve included several links relating to this topic, so take a look through those resources.  I really want this to be the vehicle we use to share information and open up discussions.
  • I am also posting the homework here now (duh!) as well as an edited Q&A BEST OF summary for each week’s webcast.

2.  Windows Server 2003 Virtual Lab: File, Storage, and Print


VLab Overview:
“New to Microsoft Windows Server 2003, the Manage Your Server Wizard consolidates configuration tools and features into one place, enabling administrators to set up and manage profiles called server roles for one or more servers. Server roles can be set with the Configure Your Server Wizard, and the changes are then reflected in the Manage Your Server console so that administrators can change profiles as a server’s role changes.
Using shadow copies, a Windows Server 2003-based file server will efficiently and transparently maintain a set of previous versions of all files on the file server. Clients use a separate add-on program which integrates seamlessly with the client machine, to view and restore previous versions of files and folders.
By providing print services through a Windows print server, administrators can control the availability of print devices by using appropriate change control management, high-availability practices, and so on. Windows point-and-print provides seamless distribution of drivers and settings to a wide range of clients.”

On that Virtual Lab homepage, click on the Windows Server 2003 section.

  • Then click on the “Step into the Windows Server 2003 Virtual Lab for Free”
  • It might take a minute for this page to come up, depending on how busy the demoservers are.  (You will have better luck getting onto these in the early morning or late evening, US-time.) 
  • Follow the logon/signup instructions, and choose the “File, Storage, and Print” lab.