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*New* Microsoft Events Homepage

Sweet!  Microsoft Events has has a face-lift.  Not only that, but some new functionality has been added as well. 

“How about RSS feeds for scheduled Live Events or Webcasts?”

Yes!  You can subscribe to feeds that will send you a summary of events as they are posted. 

Here are the new release highlights from the Launch Announcement e-mail…


This release adds some very exciting new features to the Web site:

§         Advanced search tool: The most frequent request we have received from customers in Contact Us e-mail messages is for other ways to search lists of webcasts and in-person events. Our “Find Events and Webcasts” tool provides search functionality by intended audience, product/technology, event type, location, and time frame. Most pages on the site also have a “Quick Find” component in the right nav as another method of starting a search.

§         Customer ratings: On-demand webcasts produced by the Webcast Team include a rating system, which is based on customer satisfaction surveys taken during the live webcast. The maximum customer rating is Stars.

§         RSS feeds (Rss): We are able to provide RSS feeds for most of the dynamic event lists.

§         New URL for the Web site: We have migrated the site from /seminar/events to /events for a more streamlined and intuitive URL: http://www.microsoft.com/events

Check it out!