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“Why isn’t Kevin posting my feedback or answering my question?”

Hi folks!

To those of you who attended my live TechNet Briefings this week, and the hundreds who attended the first of our 12 part webcast series: THANK YOU! 

I am excited about using this blog as a way to keep the communication lines open, and am looking forward to posting answers to the many questions that you’ve had – or just chatting about IT Pro related issues.

I feel bad, though, that I can’t address all of your questions immediately.  I am thrilled that so many of you have contacted me, and I would so much like to have all the answers the next day – and some weeks I will be able to do that.  But this week I’m still on the road doing yet another event (today I’m in Tacoma, WA) and my promised posts of answers will have to wait until Friday or perhaps sometime this weekend.

Please check back in a day or two.  And have a great weekend!