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RSS is cool, but…

…here’s what I really want:

Yeah.. I finally understand RSS.  I’ve been having a fun couple of days finding RSS feeds to interesting news sites – and even better, blogs of my coworkers and counterparts around the world. 

As I was reading through some of the Microsoft Employee blogs (again, because I’ve subscribed to them) I thought… “Hmm.. this is cool because you are notified when something is new.  Kinda like being a part of an email alias.  But… even more like emails generated by a rule from a sharepoint site…”

Then it hit me:   I want SharePoint to do RSS!  Simple.  Give me a little orange “RSS” link on any / all sharepoint pages I can copy/subscribe to so that I’m notified if something new shows up!  And while we’re at it – let’s just use SharePoint as a home base for our blogs, too.  Why not?!

Okay.  That’s my wish.  You folks build it for me or let me know where I can get it if it’s already available.



Thanks to some great feedback, I see that my wish has been granted even before “I thought of it first!”… <sigh>

Here’s a great summary of solutions on Daniel McPherson’s blog:


Also a resource that Jim Duncan shared about how Collutions, Inc. does it on a public SharePoint site.