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Hello again!


“Back so soon, Kevin?”


Well, yeah… when you’re sitting on the plane sipping beverages in first class (hey… I put in a lot of air miles… so I’ve earned them! J)  you get to thinking about all the things you’d like to use your blog for.  Well.. maybe YOU don’t, but I do… or at least I am right now.  And along with that I was thinking about what a great job our MSDN team of presenters is doing using their blogs to keep-in-touch with their event attendees (a.k.a. FRIENDS, because that’s what we like to think of all of you as.) and I thought, “Heck.. I really need to do that, too.”


So now I intend to copy my MSDN colleagues (the sincerest form of flattery) by promoting my blog as a place to give you updates not only on my comings and goings, but also on training opportunities you IT Pros will have from our team and from Microsoft in general.  So… that said.. I hope that many of you reading this are here for the first time because you attended one of my live TechNet Briefings or attended one of the webcasts I delivered.  If so, WELCOME!  I hope you’ll keep this link in your favorites or keep in touch via an RSS feed (I have yet to personally understand those.  I need to investigate further, ‘cuz they sound really cool.) and that you will keep in touch either passively, or actively posting responses or questions about my postings and musings.


“So Kevin – What are you teaching these days?”


Our team is doing three very good bits of content at our live TechNet events this quarter – all about migration.  We’re talking about Directory Migration from NT 4 domains to Active Directory.  We’re covering how you can support your older “LOB” (Line of Business) applications by using various compatibility tools and migration techniques, so you can move these apps to newer hardware and software platforms.  And we’re discussing how to migrate from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. 


“But where and when will you be teaching next?”


I’m going to be in Muncie, IN on January 25th, and Chicago, IL on January 27th.  Stop by and learn some cool stuff!  Win some prizes!  (Hey.. we’re giving away a copy of an MS Learning book – Windows 2003 Active Directory Technical Referenceto all attendees!)  Or just stop by to say ‘hi’.


So – Do you have any online resources available for your attendees now?”


I’m glad you asked!  As a matter of fact, I put together a document containing links to related resources for all of the content we’re delivering in our briefings this quarter.  I’m printing these for my attendees – but if you would like to have it in electronic form (with live links!) go ahead and download it from here.


Also – if you want, you can download the powerpoints for our current sessions from http://www.technetbriefings.com.


Sincerely, I hope to see you soon!


Keep your stick on the ice!