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Anyone still thinking “XP SP2”? You should!

A number of months ago (August 2004) I had the great priviledge of being a part of the “OEM / System Builder Roadshow”.  The purpose of these events is to connect with our System Builder channel – the folks (our very highly valued partnters) who build the PCs and ship them with our software.  This particular roadshow’s theme was “Windows XP Service Pack 2” – what it meant to the system builders.

I love doing these things because I get to meet so many different customers and partners, and also I get to dive deeply into a product or technology and learn how it really serves our customers well.  And SP2 is just an AMAZING improvement for our client operating system.

“But Kevin… Why are you mentioning this here just now?  This is old news!”

Well… I’m glad you asked. 🙂  I was just forwarded a link to a really cool article about SP2.  It was an interview with the “Virtual Team” that made it happen… all the reasons, process, struggles and eventual triumphs that this team had to face… Great stuff.  So I wanted to share the link to that article with you here also.


I haven’t been to this “Supersite for Windows” before… but if this article is any indication of the quality of the content, I’m definitely going to be returning often. 


PS – if you are still “on the fence” about SP2, GET IT NOW!  And if you’re not installing it because you “heard it breaks things”, please do some further investigating before deciding not to roll it out.  The security benefits alone are WELL WORTH the effort.  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sp2