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Some people have too much time on their hands….

…and I love it!

I was trying out some new capabilities of MSN Search – such as the ability to answer questions if you put them in quotes, like “What is the number of inches in a mile?”, etc.  So.. for some unknown reason (yeah right) the question “What is the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden swallow?” came to mind.  One of the results that came up (incredibly quickly, probably faster than Google, I might add 🙂 ) was the link to this page:


This afternoon I’ll let you know what the airspeed velocity of an unlaiden, digested Turkey is.

On a more serious, personal note: I want to wish anyone who reads this a very blessed, happy Thanksgiving.  My family and I truly have a lot to thankful for, and we don’t take it for granted.  So we use this day as just another great opportunity to thank the Lord for loving us and blessing us in so many ways.  (And believe me, I’m not talking about “stuff” here.  If you want to know more, just send me an email and ask me.)

Happy Thanksgiving!