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Grey Day in Minnesota

…but tomorrow is my girl Amy‘s birthday, so that’s pretty cool.  (Here are pictures from her recent birthday party with her neighbor friends.)

This week I’ve been catching up on study, preparing for a webcast I’ll be doing next Monday, and basically doing administrative work (expenses, booking travel, etc.)  My study has revolved around Security once again – this time due to a couple of mandatory company training sessions that I went through this morning.

Actually- that’s the main reason I’m creating a blog entry today.  I am continually impressed with the resources Microsoft is making available for people.  The training pointed out many avenues of information for internal resources as well as external; resources we can point our customers to.  A good example is the Security Guidance web site.  Rather than bombard IT Pros, Developers, or even home users with information and expect them to sort through and then apply what best fits their needs, we give “prescriptive guidance” based on the type of user you are or business you are managing IT for.  (Makes me wish we had such great resources available when I was doing that job myself.) 

See you at my webcast!


PS – My upcoming webcast shows my teammate Keith Combs as the presenter – but that was a mistake.  He had originally signed up for that one, but then gave it over to me early last month.

PPS – I did an Exchange Disaster Recovery webcast last week during a special “Exchange Webcast Week”, and according to the evaluations it was quite well recieved.  …actually, it was my personal best score ever. (8.5!)  You can view it here “on demand“.