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Only Post #3? In Chicago again…

Hello again!

Well.. I find myself for the 2nd time this week in Chicago.  Yes.. you read correctly… twice, for two different events, I’m in the Windy City.  On Monday I flew in so I could have the priviledge of speaking to the AITP “Windy City” chapter in their evening meeting.  Then I flew home Tuesday.  Wednesday (oh.. that’s still today.  Wow.. there’s a lot happening in one week.) I delivered a Webcast on Exchange Server Disaster Recovery, and now I find myself here in Chicago again, preparing for my second IT Security Solutions Roadshow talk that’s going on here at the Hyatt – O’Hare tomorrow.

I like travel, but hotel rooms are really lonely places.  I’m looking forward to being home for a couple weeks in a row – getting some other work done, and playing Halo 2 with my boys.

On another techy-related note: I’m excited by what I’m learning about the future roadmap of MS products as it relates to security.  There are really cool things coming in SP1 for Windows Server 2003, then in the “R2” version later next year.  I’m really thrilled that a year from now I’ll be giving talks on such cool new functionality; stuff I can’t even mention here by name without all of you first signing NDAs.  🙂 

Enough for now.  More later (and sooner, hopefully).