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Build a better Christmas tree-stand…

…and the world will beat a path to your door!  Okay – it’s really “mouse-trap”… but today our family is going out to get a natural Christmas tree, and after searching for our old one we realized (and remembered) that last year our tree stand broke.  So this year we have to buy a new… Read more

Some people have too much time on their hands….

…and I love it! I was trying out some new capabilities of MSN Search – such as the ability to answer questions if you put them in quotes, like “What is the number of inches in a mile?”, etc.  So.. for some unknown reason (yeah right) the question “What is the airspeed velocity of an… Read more

Grey Day in Minnesota

…but tomorrow is my girl Amy‘s birthday, so that’s pretty cool.  (Here are pictures from her recent birthday party with her neighbor friends.) This week I’ve been catching up on study, preparing for a webcast I’ll be doing next Monday, and basically doing administrative work (expenses, booking travel, etc.)  My study has revolved around Security… Read more

Only Post #3? In Chicago again…

Hello again! Well.. I find myself for the 2nd time this week in Chicago.  Yes.. you read correctly… twice, for two different events, I’m in the Windy City.  On Monday I flew in so I could have the priviledge of speaking to the AITP “Windy City” chapter in their evening meeting.  Then I flew home Tuesday. … Read more